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What I like best about working with Goldie Rush is that I feel Goldie does care about my success. She is patient and easy to communicate with. And I also appreciate it when she sends messages checking in. Before working with Goldie, I had no success with women. Soon after I implemented Goldie's advice, I noticed a significant change. Women started paying attention to me and responding to me a lot positively than before. This helped me grow more confident in myself. I highly recommend working with Goldie!

Benjamin H.

To say Goldie changed my life is not an overstatement. She has a natural born ability give people makeovers and not just on the outside. She has incredible fashion knowledge, but also could intuitively tell who I wanted to be on the inside and was then able to give me the confidence to be that person! I haven't looked back since...she is a true miracle worker!!!

Lindsay C.

Goldie is a MASTER. I was dying for a makeover after a serious health issue had me bedridden for many months which resulted in my gaining a good bit of weight. Goldie helped me to ENJOY getting dressed again, no matter my size. I also hate clothes shopping and having such a positive, knowledgable professional by my side made shopping actually FUN! I am eternally grateful for her help.

Erika C.

Goldie is the best. She really goes the extra mile for her clients, and it's clear it is because of her passion. Does an excellent job of quickly summing up what you need. I highly recommend, she will change your life!

John C.

I can't say enough good things about Goldie. She is incredibly talented, professional, caring, intuitive, supportive, kind, and courageous. The perfect mix of qualities you need in an image consultant. Working with her has had a lasting positive impact on me as I'm sure it will you.

Ess S.

Goldie was phenomenal! I had been talking to a couple of different image consultants, but was most impressed with Goldie's approach to her services, so I ended up working with her. Upon telling a few friends about working with an image consultant they were a little taken back. However after working with Goldie and seeing the impressive results, those same very friends love telling the story to other acquaintances that are surprised by my transformation. Definitely would recommend, and I'll be seeing her again in the future!

Mark S.

Goldie was fantastic! From paring down the existing wardrobe to navigating the shopping for chic (and often bargain!) clothing, she did a great job. She is a lovely person, too!

Preeya S.

From the moment Goldie walked in my door for our initial consultation I immediately felt at ease. She took the time in that meeting (and throughout the process) to genuinely understand who I am and what kind of image I want to project. I needed a lot of encouragement to make some of the choices she was suggesting and, throughout our time shopping together, she pushed me in so many positive ways always making me feel like the space with her was safe to grow and flourish in. As a result, I developed an entirely new, confident, and exciting image of myself...the image I'd always wanted. And I wasn't the only one who noticed the change. All my colleagues, friends, and family kept commenting on how good I looked and also kept saying, "there's something different about you. what is it? you're radiant!" I believe that in my time with Goldie she encouraged me in a way that produced a change from the inside out. She may have styled a new wardrobe for me but she also showed me how to own it. I'm so grateful to have used her!

Kathryn M.